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Chocolate from Togo, a touch of independence for Togo.

In Togo, about 60% of the population live in poverty and cocoa farmers are getting lower prices because they are dependent on the buyers, but the cocoa farmers do not know that the "gold Togos" has on their own farm.
A young man goes from village to village to secure a new future for his country through chocolate production in Togo.
"Komi Agbokou" says that when we launched the chocolate production plan, many people didn't believe us. Most of them made fun of us. People said we were crazy. "Komi Agbokou" was trained in Italy and is a chocolate manufacturer and activist.
He returned to Togo with his mission to get his compatriots to turn their cocoa into the "gold of Togo, chocolate".
Komi explains that the prices of cocoa are determined by "those who convert cocoa," which urges local farmers to sell their products at ever lower prices. For cocoa farmers, cocoa trees and fruits have become "dead wood".
On his 600 km journey from north to south Togo, Komi struggles to change this, explaining to the small farmers the value of their products.